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The buzz around town is that Tiny Bee is an industrious little creator queen, laying low in the underground, making sweet serenades with her guitar and voice...
Occasionally she adds thick, layered, rich soundscapes by bee-boxing,
spitting spoken word and adding drizzles of flute, violin, FX, vocal harmonies
and electric/slide/jazz/blues guitar.
Tiny Bee's sound is a cross pollination of folk, pop, spoken word, blues and jazz. 

"Love the lofi vibes on this one.
Sometimes you don't need filler
to get the message across.
Peep the esoteric bars on this one too.
Tiny Bee is dropping big knowledge."


Jerry Ijale Agbinya - Triple J
29 March 2022

"What a voice!
Tiny Bee makes a whole lot of honey with this one"

Lu Hill - Triple J
28 March 2022

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